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Funny Gifts For Women

We all know that one friend that can't resist having a laugh and a giggle at every opportunity. The gal pal that still sniggers at toilet humour and you'll often find telling dirty jokes at the bar on a night out. Why bother getting her anything serious when you could buy her a funny gift that matches her personality perfectly? We bet she won't be able to keep a straight face when she opens it!

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If she loves to laugh, a funny present is sure to go down a treat no matter what the occasion. Whether you’ve known your best friend for yonks, and fancy buying her a cheesy and embarrassing memento that harks back to your younger years, or you want to surprise your wife with a few silly gifts that’ll make her smile on Christmas morning, we’re firm believers that there’s never an inappropriate time for a funny present. A good joke should be perfect all year round!

If you’ve already bought your wife or girlfriend a romantic main birthday present, and are looking for a few humorous gag gifts to add to her pile, we’ve got you covered. Our Ring for Prosecco Bell is the perfect funny gift for a wine lover, and will drive you crazy in no time as she rings yet again from the sofa for another glass.

Maybe you’re in the midst of planning your best friend’s hen night, and are looking to pick up a few funny gifts that will give your fellow hen ladies a good giggle. Whether you’re after something goofy, such as our Cure for Farting, or you like your fun a little more adult, like our Jelly Willies, we’ve plenty of ideas that’ll make women laugh.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a mate, girlfriend, Mum, sister or wife, females everywhere will appreciate a funny gift whatever the occasion. The quirkier the better in our eyes, and unusual is our specialty!