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Funny Gifts For Men

If you're tired of getting him the same old thing every year, why not mix things up by treating the man in your life to a great funny gift? Whether it's his birthday, Christmas or even your anniversary, what better way to say 'I love you' than with a humorous joke? Our gag presents are practically guaranteed to make even the most grumpy old man raise a smile.

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When it comes to searching for funny gifts for men we always look for a combination of cheap, cheerful and cheesy…well, what more do you need? We appreciate and acknowledge that in every family and friendship group, there's always at least one joker. The type of guy who loves a bit of cheeky banter or who thinks toilet humour is the highest form of wit. So, when it's their birthday or other occasion coming up, what better way to get your own back than with a jokey present!

We've got plenty of highly amusing gifts, that are perfect for when you don't fancy anything too sentimental, or romantic if you're buying for your husband, partner or boyfriend. Be sure to check out our hilarious range of breath sprays, miracle soaps and 'cure for' gifts. Our collection of mugs span from comical to rude, to downright offensive – yep, it'll become their favourite mug as soon as they get their hands on it!

If you're on the lookout for gifts for your Dad, Brother, Uncle or other male relative or friend and ones that aren't so crude then check out novelty slippers and dressing gowns. Our 'Man Bowl' always raises a smile, then there's some fun games like beer pong and Potty Putter – a toilet golf game to keep them entertained for when they are on the throne – aka a great way to keep them out of mischief! If you really want to give him a taste of his own medicine, then instead of an actual gift, why not simply wrap up one of our crazy Prank Gift Boxes – the ultimate payback for the practical jokes he's played on you!