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Funny Gifts For Men

If you?re tired of getting him the same old thing every year, why not mix things up by treating the man in your life to a great funny gift? Whether it?s his birthday, Christmas or even your anniversary, what better way to say ?I love you? than with a humorous joke? Our gag presents are practically guaranteed to make even the most grumpy old man raise a smile.

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Up and down the UK, in every friendship group, there?s always at least one joker of the pack. That dirty minded mate who thinks toilet humour is the height of sophistication and won?t hesitate to start a bit of ?banter with the lads?. So when it?s their birthday coming up, what better way to get your own back than embarrassing them with a silly gag gift that?ll have the whole pub crying with laughter. Our funny gifts for men are a combination of three crucial elements: cheap, cheesy and cheerful, what more do you need?

If you?re celebrating your anniversary or other milestone with your husband or boyfriend, and don?t fancy anything too romantic and sentimental, why not go down the quirky route with a Ring for Sex Bell? It?s that perfect mixture of rude and silly that will have you both giggling away, as well as adding a little extra passion and sizzle.

However, if you?re buying for your male mate?s birthday, why not play a prank with this 'Nobody Knows I?m Gay' Mug? That?ll teach him to stop messing about with his hair and tensing his muscles in front of the gym mirrors!

Of course, if you?re on the lookout for gifts for your Dad, brother, Uncle or other male relative, it would be weird to get him anything too crude. In that case, we suggest our novelty Golf Slippers, for a real hole-in-one present!