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Whisky And Brandy Gifts

The choice of the more distinguished gentleman, whisky is a gift that certain refined palates just can't resist. And now, you can add another touch of class to your whisky related present by personalising it.
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To those in the know (and those that aren't), a golden nectar that lights a fire in your belly is one that will never go out of fashion. With contemporary bars around the round reinventing cocktails and drinks to incorporate the old classics, whisky and brandy are making a comeback like no other. If you know someone who enjoys the odd tipple, then your search is over. Let our range of whiskey and brandy gifts help you on your merry (hic!) way.

Whether you're a casual drinker or a connoisseur, prefer whisky to whiskey, or are partial to a single malt or bourbon - we guarantee that the whole drinking experience will be magnified and enjoyed so much more when drunk from a dedicated, personalised glass... or even bottle! Our range of whisky gifts is just what you need.

News just in! Brandy is cool again. No longer just for your gran, the classic distilled wine is back with a kick. Not only does it taste rather lovely, but you get to drink it in a snifter. This is a strange name for a rather wonderful cognac glass that is bound to make you feel sophisticated. Check out our brandy gifts for more drink inspired gift ideas