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30th Birthday Gifts

According to YouGov, being in your thirties is No Man's Land. People agree youth is not so eternal once twenty-nine hits (Independent), but the thrill of a new chapter and heading into the decade (that a lot of people dread) is actually the best time to be alive. People in their thirties may become a genius (America's National Bureau of Economic Research), are happier than ever before (Friends United Survey) and in their prime time to take an adult gap year (Florida4Less). Here at Find Me a Gift, we aim to celebrate this crucial time of their life with the most epic 30th birthday gifts!




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Personalised Mirrored Jewellery Box
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Meerkat Encounter for Two
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Hand-feed meerkats, expert knowledge from keepers, experience lasts 20-60 mins. Available daily.
Stainless Steel Personalised Tankard
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Personalised Star of Fame
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Personalised Prosecco
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Personalised Handbag Compact Mirror
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We understand that giving the most incredible gifts is a tough process. You are super busy with work, running a home, seeing your friends and family, whilst trying to make time for yourself too. Don?t fret, here we have meaningful gifts that will be cherished forever. Plus, we know what we?re talking about, so relax and read on to see how to choose the perfect 30th birthday gift. Whether you want to give them the thrill of their life with a gift experience like no other, make them tear up with a special, heart-felt personalised gift, or even make them laugh with something silly, you will find everything you need here, at Find Me a Gift.

Gift giving is as exciting for you as it is for the recipient. Here at Find Me a Gift, we find that the emotion that occurs when giving can sometimes bypass the elation of receiving something special. If you are not at that level of enthusiasm yet, don?t panic. We are here to help! With our comprehensive guide on gift giving for beautiful, memorable, unique 30th birthday gifts, you will leave here with confidence and a nugget of knowledge you could only dream of.

  • Make a list of the person's interests and preferences. Many people make the mistake of buying a gift that they would love, rather than the recipient. Number One Rule: Don?t do it. Instead, make a list of what the recipient would love to open on their 30th birthday. Have indirect conversations with them about their passions, their dreams. What is happening in their life right this second?! If you?re a close family member, their partner, or best friend, you probably already know all the details. Once you have your list, pinpoint the one they would love the most. Don?t forget to get together with the rest of the recipient?s close circle to make sure there are no accidental crossovers of gifts!
  • Consider how close you are to that person. If they are the apple of your eye, your one true love, or simply one of your favourite people in the entire world, you have a job to do. Your mission is to gift them with something incredible. That being said, if you are not as close to the birthday celebrant, read Finding a Gift For Someone You Do Not Know Well; you want to buy them something that they will appreciate, but not go overboard with your spending.
  • Identify the items the person may need. It is at this point in their lives that they are happiest at work (PayScale) with job security, higher wages and knowing that they have worked their socks off to get where they are right now. Perhaps they are gearing up for the promotion they have been working so hard for? Treat them to a luxury personalised pen for when they take their important meeting notes. Match it with this opulent leather Goals journal too!
  • Ask them to set up a wish list. Make sure they do it with specific items - none of this I don?t know; I'm not too fussed; I don't really want anything. These are lies. They are 30 once in their life and this massive milestone means they can and will (secretly) milk it for all its worth.
  • Consider giving the person a sentimental item. Being sentimental is how you will make the recipient either cry with happy tears or take a silent moment to take it all in, on their birthday. We urge you to do this and take photographs as proof. Personalisation is the way forward with it being on the rise since 2015 when UK shoppers spent ONE BILLION POUNDS on personalised gifts (Dr Michael Wagstaff, YouGov). We pride ourselves on personalised gifts at Find Me a Gift with gifts from jewellery and boxes, to alcohol and accessories, to sweets and DIY appliances and everything in-between!
  • Arrange an experience as a gift. Research suggests giving an experience rather than a material item strengthens the relationship between giver and recipient. Cindy Chan, of University of Toronto Scarborough Department of Management, says gifting an experience is "more intensely emotional than a material possession" (Journal of Consumer Research). It's a good job we have a mountain of epic experiences that will make the lucky 30th celebrant jump for joy at any of them. Even better, we have experiences to be enjoyed by specifically two people to make it even more memorable!
  • Give money if they are saving for a house, holiday, or bucket list item! As house deposits are at the highest they've ever been with a squeeze on wages and low interest rates (BBC), the road to becoming a homeowner is more difficult. Most people heading towards thirty are now thinking about buying their first home, meaning every penny saved is every little help! On the other hand, holidays and bucket list items are still in the forefront of their mind with holidays becoming far more satisfying than ever before (Virgin Holidays). When you combine this expensive trio, perhaps what the recipient really wants is money to put towards this next exciting chapter of their lives! This is also a fantastic option for if you don't know the recipient as well as you would like.
  • Donate your time as part of the gift. By simply being there for someone, or taking on the reins a little bit more, is as beautiful a gift as any. Knowing that they might want to take a little bit more time for themselves shows you care!
  • Make a homemade gift. Why not create a special photo album with all your cherished memories of the birthday celebrant? Or, if you're really creatively minded, an intricate piece of jewellery that you can place in a beautiful jewellery box, or even something as simple as a letter or poem to show them how you couldn't imagine your life without them.

  • Buy a practical gift for extended family, boss or colleague. Practicality always wins out. Whether you apply this to money, a household gift, or something a little bit quirky for the office, you can win the recipient's heart over with a small token; something that will make them smile at the kind gesture, or laugh at the hilarity of its nature. In doing so, they will inevitably think of you as thoughtful, no matter the gift. Need a few ideas? How about a hilarious mug, or a stress ball, or even colourful pens that will bring that sparkle of positivity at the start of every working day.
  • Find out their favourite alcoholic drink or chocolate. If all else fails, alcohol and chocolate always win! Unless they don't drink, are an alcoholic, or are trying (perhaps failing) to lose that little bit of weight. If none of these attributes apply, go right ahead and buy a bottle of bubbly, the ever-popular (number one drink FYI) bottle of gin, or some wine alongside a box of heroic chocolates or even chocolate that looks like PIZZA - win, win in our book!
  • Take them out to lunch to get to know them better. As we mentioned before, sometimes giving up your time for somebody makes the greatest gift. If you don't know the recipient that well, spend time getting to know them for their 30th birthday gift! They will be thrilled that you want to get to know them, and it gives them time away from the stresses of the office and craziness of home too!
  • Ask people who are closest to the person for gift advice. And if you really have no clue? No idea at all? Ask someone who knows the celebrant better than you do for advice! If the recipient hates their gift, you will have somebody else to blame? Bonus!

  • Personalise the gift wrapping. Or let us do it for you with our personalised wrapping paper that can be customised with your very own message!
  • Include a card with gift. We've got you covered once more. We have pop-up birthday cards that adds a little bit of fun to the day! Styled in milestone birthdays, they won't be forgetting they've turned 30 any time soon!
  • Get creative with the giving of the gift. It doesn't have to be a simple here-you-go, or even worse - throwing it at them and hoping for the best. You could turn it into a scavenger hunt or fill a box full of clues about what you have bought or where you are taking them! We even have the perfect box to keep it all safe in!

Phew! Now that you know the ins and outs of gift giving, you should be able to successfully identify, purchase, personalise and give an incredible 30th birthday gift for the lucky recipient whether they are your best friend, your husband, your child, or your colleague (as well as many more relationships too). If you are still a little stuck on the ideas part, or time is running out extremely quickly (i.e. you need it within the next week!), jump ahead to our ideas for what to buy each special person in your life.

Ultimately, something to make her feel special. Whether that is a personalised piece of jewellery that she can keep forever, a customised map of your love, or a tipple of bubbly so she can celebrate in style!

For your favourite woman in the world (apart from maybe your mother or your daughter - it's a tricky one), you need to make her feel like the only woman in the world on her special day! We have a range of exciting experiences that she will never forget, and that you can be proud of thinking of too!

Men are so difficult to buy for, especially at this epic milestone. What we can adamantly say is he doesn't need another shirt. Buy him something he will cherish forever like a pair of personalised cufflinks, a novelty scratch it poster to tick off within the first 24 hours of his 30th, or an experience he'll never forget!

Sometimes it can be hard to spend some romantic time together, especially if you have children, have to slot it between busy work schedules and social lives. Why don't you create magical memories with a couple's photoshoot? Or give a mega gift subscription of some kind or even a relaxing couple's massage.

Celebrate in style with the ultimate party accessories because you know that it can only go one way when you and her get together: sheer carnage, but in the classy, sophisticated Sex & The City kind of way. Or, treat her to the ultimate spa break for just the two of you, or a bespoke book binding of her favourite novel.

Ah, boys and their toys. You want to buy him the ultimate 30th birthday gift, perhaps even outshining his other half. Afterall, he's your best mate! Get him round for some lad time with a bottle of personalised malt whisky, or head to the racetrack with a supercar experience he won't forget anytime soon.

No matter her age, she will always be your baby girl. Yes, that includes when she has children of her own. Show her how special she is with a whirlwind trip to Europe. Lunch in Paris sounds incroyable, oui? Remind her of all the times she has made you incredibly proud with a unique photo album that you have lovingly created, or name a star after her; after all, she is the twinkle in your eye.

Gone are the days of following him around so he doesn't fall over, giving him the talk of the birds and the bees and going through the monumental moment of adulthood. He is a fully-fledged man now, but that doesn't mean he needs to act like one all the time. Treat him to the monster of experiences, or with something special to show how truly loved he is.

At this point in their life, every thirty-year-old will have wanted to tick a few things off that ever-growing bucket list, as well as start panicking about all the things they haven't done yet! Things like backpacking around Asia, saving for a house deposit or getting that degree. Plus, with trends such as the 30 Before 30 list, experiences are absolutely fundamental for anyone hitting thirty. You might not be able to help with those, but you can certainly help with making their 30th birthday something to remember with something phenomenal. Maybe it will be speeding along the track in a Lamborghini, bungee jumping from 160 feet or experiencing afternoon tea at Park Lane Hotel.

Here are just a little 100 things for people to do before the hit the Big 3-0 - before the "youth" really does end! And if they haven't managed them all, there are some great gift ideas for you to make sure their thirties start off with a BANG!

  • Skydive over Mission Beach in Australia, the most beautiful place to fall from the sky. If you can't get there, attempt an indoor skydive instead!
  • Excite your inner child with a visit to Disney World Orlando in Florida.
  • Read the classics like Homer's The Odyssey, Bronte's Jane Eyre and Shakespeare's Hamlet - you can tick them off with this Scratch-Off Bucket List Poster.
  • Save for a house deposit. Crucial. Hard work. Necessary.
  • Learn an instrument and play it at the top of your lungs.
  • Travel to another country where you don?t speak the language.
  • Get into debt.
  • Get out of debt.
  • Learn to drive, just so you can feel the thrill of a Ferrari, an Audi R8, or even a mahoosive truck that may turn into a Transformer.
  • Get pulled along on rollerblades by a car... without tripping up!
  • Go to a festival in another country.
  • Bungee jump at least 160 ft.
  • Ride a motorbike.
  • Go to a concert, ideally one for your favourite band.
  • Drive a 4x4 along a beach, or completely off-road along dirt and mud.
  • Ride a mountain bike downhill.
  • Climb a mountain (Everest or Kilimanjaro if you're brave enough).
  • Drive over 100 miles an hour and do it in style.
  • Fly a plane or helicopter.
  • Make a gift for someone special.
  • Unleash your inner Rockstar and smash an instrument on stage.
  • Get dressed up in your best clothes and go to the theatre in the West End.
  • Meet your hero.
  • Scuba dive with sea turtles.
  • Cage dive with sharks.
  • Travel across Europe (or the World) by any transport except a plane!
  • Find a shipwreck under water.
  • Eat a foreign delicacy that makes you shudder.
  • Face your fear, then do it again.
  • Survive a week on a deserted island.
  • Jump off a cliff.
  • Get a tattoo. Preferably one you won't regret.
  • Connect with a complete stranger.
  • Have a meaningful conversation with an elderly person and learn something life-changing from them.
  • Teach somebody a new skill.
  • Fall in love.
  • Have an unforgettable one-night stand.
  • Write a letter to a soldier.
  • Write a letter to a prisoner.
  • Write a book.
  • Create your own side-line business.
  • Eat out alone at a restaurant.
  • Start your own alcohol collection, and maybe make a bar.
  • Cross a "Do Not Enter" sign or barrier, just to see what the fuss is about.
  • Gamble in the casinos of Las Vegas. Do it The Hangover style.
  • Travel to thirty countries before your 30th birthday.
  • Stay awake for over 24 hours.
  • Search for buried treasure.
  • Hold someone's hand as they pass away.
  • Move out.
  • Have afternoon tea at the most prestigious place in London.. or if you can't afford that, we have these options too: The Shard, Restaurant 92 at Hilton Hotel and Park Lane Hotel.
  • Watch every classic film (even the black and white ones) and tick them off with this Scratch-Off Bucket List Poster.
  • Do something that terrifies you but do it with a friend to create fun memories. Even share it on Social Media.
  • Live and work in a foreign country.
  • Build a business and make it a success.
  • Attend a Full Moon Party in Thailand.
  • Quit the job you hate, even if you don't have a backup plan.
  • Host your first ever dinner party and cook everything yourself.
  • Dress up in costume for a midnight film premiere.
  • Attend the red carpet and spot your favourite celebrities.
  • Go to Glastonbury and experience the UK's biggest music festival.
  • Train for a marathon.
  • Learn to fight, but more importantly, learn self-defence.
  • Attend a white-tie event.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon - see nearly two billion years of geological history.
  • Visit all of the world's most prestigious art galleries.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Get involved in politics.
  • Make your voice heard.
  • Spend an entire weekend binging Netflix in bed with snacks.
  • Make time for your parents.
  • Get into a fitness routine and stick with it.
  • Go to a comedy night and laugh until you cry.
  • Educate yourself on all religion past and present, not just your own (including atheism).
  • Go to the ballet.
  • Forgive more easily - stop holding grudges.
  • Say Yes for an entire week to everything!
  • Spend Christmas in New York City.
  • Find a secret party and attend.
  • Learn to love yourself, even all the bad qualities.
  • Be a part of history.
  • Go to the biggest festival in the world - Coachella.
  • Be financially independent.
  • Become a spy for a day and master the qualities such as shooting and unarmed combat.
  • Have a Michelin Star experience.
  • Watch a classic film at an outdoor cinema, complete with pizza and ice cream.
  • Sleep in a haunted castle at Halloween.
  • Watch the fireworks at Ally Pally aka Alexandra Palace in London.
  • Learn how to make a Sunday roast, and time it correctly!
  • Go backstage at an opera house and pretend there is a Phantom lurking in the shadows.
  • Head down the fastest zipline in the world in Northern Wales!
  • Watch the sunrise from a mountain top.
  • Roast marshmallows over hot lava on a volcano.
  • Visit Mona Lisa in The Louvre, just don?t try to steal her.
  • Experience the wild on an African safari.
  • Walk the Great Wall of China.
  • Swing on Nevis Swing, the biggest canyon swing in the world.
  • Visit the nine wonders of the world.
  • Sail to the Statue of Liberty.
  • Go to jail... as long as you've got the "Get Out of Jail" card.

Turning thirty is a crucial moment in every person's life. At this point, they want to have their s**t together, or at least be on their way to doing so. They want to have momentous memories that they can look back on with fondness. Every moment leading up to this monumental milestone has taught them a little something about themselves: the types of things they love to do, the type of career they want to succeed in, the type of life they want to lead. You can contribute to that by gifting them something that will articulate how much you love them, like them, or enjoy their company, as well as reflect exactly who they are as a person. More importantly, the person they want to be in their thirties.

Whatever you decide, Find Me a Gift is on hand every step of the way. Our aim is to make the art of gift giving a fun and easy task. We take out the hard work for you. Just a few clicks and you're on your way to making the best gifting decision you've ever made in your life!

                                                                                                                                                                       ...because giving feels good!