Inflatable Costumes

Customer Comments

Never seen this site before now love it and will tell everyone about it - Linsay Love

I have no complaints about the site so far however i have only joined it today. Im sure i wont find any though. I was really pleased too see that the currecting delivery amount was given initailly because i went on one site and it said na for delivery right until the last step when it put 10.95 on! i thought this was outrageous. I wouldnt have signed up to the other site or gone through everything i did if i knew this was going to happen the worst part was it was only a 7.04 order! Thankyou - Michelle

This is an extremely good site I made a comment about it being hard to pay by PayPal I take that back its extremely easy!! - Stephanie Allen

If you're one of those people who loves any excuse to dress up, then we know that you'll have done all the obvious outfits and costumes a million times and are now searching for something unusual. Or maybe you're looking for an off-the-wall fancy dress outfit that none of your mates will have even dreamed of. You're bound to make them all stare when you rock up at a party in one of our fun inflatable costumes.

With one of our amazing inflatable outfits, you can look like you've put in oodles of effort without actually having to! Whether for Halloween or a fancy dress party, we have a wide range of outfits that are out of the ordinary. Perhaps you've always wanted to be a cowboy (complete with horse!) or to put on a fat suit and pretend to be a sumo wrestler? Whatever you're thinking of, we're certain that you'll find an inflatable costume that will make all your friends jealous.