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Customer Comments

Very good website. Love it. Got my boyfriend somethings off of here and he loved them. - Jodie

I bought a gift experience on the 2102006 and by the 16102006 it had still not arrived worried that something had gone wrong i contacted findmeagift to find out what was going on and within hours i got an email back saying that the delivery company had sent it which they never so although it wasnt findmeagifts fault they had managed to sort it out and get it delivered NEXT DAY which i thought was absolutly fantastic and i just want to say thank you again to findmeagift for helping me solve my problem quickly and brilliantly!! - David Wood

i think that the website had everything you can think of on here and is very helpfull at finding presents. - rebecca

sites easily accessed offered similar sites to browesthough can be overlapping and repetitive.buying very easyand emails send to log each stage of delivery are very reassuring. - simone wright

Great site. Great gift ideas! Great offer of next day delivery before 4pm... I hope it is true! - Amy Toms

"Knock knock. Who's there? Cash. Cash who? No, thanks - I'd go for a peanut though!" Life is far too short to spend it being serious all of the time - so we like to have a laugh and we think you do too. Our jokes might be bad, but we make up for it with our massive (and hilarious) range of funny gifts to suit all occasions.

Whether for Christmas, graduation, Easter, Valentine's or a birthday, making your family and friends laugh is the gift that keeps on giving. We have it all - the novelty zimmer frame, naughty pasta shapes and cheeky mugs all round - have a browse through our funny gifts and you never know what you might find.

Laughter is good for the soul, but don't take our word for it. Whether you've got the gift of the gab and have all your mates in stitches or tell jokes almost as well as we do (impossible!), finding a funny gift for any occasion will be a doddle with Find Me A Gift. We've got present ideas suitable for Christmas, anniversaries, stag and hen dos - you name the occasion and we've got a funny gift that is just right!