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I feel that your site is excellent it has helped me greatly in choosing christmas presents for the family. It was very easy to find through a standard search engine from the internet. I have found it very easy to navigate through your site to find good affordable presents for my family.I feel that the search within this site is excellent and the options for what i was looking for were relevant and very easy for me to find. After finding your site it took me 15 minutes to choose a number of good presents and get them ordered which for me is a perfect option. so i am just hopeing that now they will be here in time for x mas!!which im sure they will be. I will be definately coming back to the site again in the future with an aim to find presents for other friends and family members. I will also be recomeding this site to others.The postage rates with this site are very reasonable and the prices are excellent the items that i have bought i couldnt find anywhere else on the net that had the items for anwhere near the prices that this web site provides. Thanks. - Dan Sizer

Loved your site and your productswill certainly be using it and not just for gifts. - Julie Maker

The website is excellent easy to find stuff and good prices as well - Michelle

good ideas for gifts found trying to alter delivery address postcode difficult - penny soames

Good site lots of funny things you cant buy in shops! - Rachael Charles

We are family! Here at Find Me A Gift we have family gifts for all your relatives, whether they're the closest people in your life or of the far and distant variety. Mum, Dad, Auntie Sheila who you only ever see at Christmas, we've family gift ideas for them all and everyone else too.

There's something for every member of your clan when you shop with us. We've used all of our gift-giving expertise to put together the internet's premier collection of family presents for you to peruse at your own leisure. Whether you're looking for something sweet and sentimental for your mum or for a gift that'll put a great big smile on grandad's face you've come to the right place. Making your nearest and dearest happy with our gifts for families is just what we love to do.

We deliver our family gifts all over the UK and internationally as well, so whether your brother lives in Spain or you've a godparent in Skegness we'll be able to reach them. We have several delivery options to choose from and the rates are super-competitive. For gifts your relatives will love that can be sent straight to their door in double-quick time stick with us.