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Brilliant site have found some unusual prezzies for people and the prices are good. - Leah Mason

Hello. I would just like to say how impressed I am with the variety of the items you sell on your website. You sell great gifts for any age which is handy if you are looking to buy a gift for more than one person at a time and there are gifts for all sorts of occasions. Also I always find some form of inspiration from any of the novelty gifts you advertise which really helps when I am stuck for ideas of what to buy someone. I think your website is easily laid out and the sub sections for each category of gifts make it easier to find what you are looking for without the hassle of scrolling through many pages. Finally the humour and friendly comments made in the descriptions of gifts and throughout the website makes it enjoyable to search around and happier to be in a friendly atmosphere. - S Magde

I found this site very good for getting stocking fillers for my boyfriend for christmas - Debbie Parcell

Brilliant site! One of your followers on facebook! Recommend over and over again! - Lee Johnston

Love the site has really fun and unusual ideas for Christmas and Birthday gifts. - LEAH WALLACE

40 is a biggie, so you need to make sure your presents are top notch. Thankfully here at Find Me A Gift we're only interested in the best and have a great selection 40th birthday presents from which you can choose.

When shopping for a 40th birthday present you need to think about how your recipient feels about getting older. If it doesn't concern them and they're taking it all in their stride you might want to think about getting something cheeky that pokes fun at their age. Others are understandably a little more apprehensive as they approach the big 4-0, so for them it's best to choose one of our more serious 40th birthday gifts.

We have so many 40th birthday ideas that finding the perfect gift for your recipient will be a breeze. Whether you opt for a traditional present that's boxed and wrapped or treat them to a day out with one of our experience gifts you can rest assured that it'll be of the highest quality.