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This site easily beats as there is so much to chose from a fantastic sites for all needs - James Gilchrist

Nice cheap website could be changed to make viewing easier but still pretty good Like knowing the cost of my basket at the top useful but when selecting to have gifts listed in price order they werent entirely ascending. Overall a good site got many peoples xmas presents from here! - Samantha Davis

Great site. You always find the perfect funquirky gift! - Jacqui smith

Your site was well found for my travelling slanket and easy to order. - Carol Gascoigne-Pees

a lovely website had no idea what to get my hubby for his birthday but ordered some lovely things from me and the kids - jessica

40 is a biggie, so you need to make sure your presents are top notch. Thankfully here at Find Me A Gift we're only interested in the best and have a great selection 40th birthday presents from which you can choose.

When shopping for a 40th birthday present you need to think about how your recipient feels about getting older. If it doesn't concern them and they're taking it all in their stride you might want to think about getting something cheeky that pokes fun at their age. Others are understandably a little more apprehensive as they approach the big 4-0, so for them it's best to choose one of our more serious 40th birthday gifts.

We have so many 40th birthday ideas that finding the perfect gift for your recipient will be a breeze. Whether you opt for a traditional present that's boxed and wrapped or treat them to a day out with one of our experience gifts you can rest assured that it'll be of the highest quality.