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Personalised jigsaws are a cool gift option for the puzzle lovers in your life. If you want to create your own jigsaw puzzle you can, right here! Just jump in and see what takes your fancy.

Maybe the best sort of personalised jigsaws are ones created from special pictures. If this is the sort of thing that looks like it might be just perfect for a special occasion on the horizon then delve right on in. Personalised photo puzzles can be just about anything you've take a photo of. Wedding days, graduation, nights out, nights in or just that last time you snapped your pal doing something ridiculous...

We've also got personalised puzzles that would make amazing keepsakes of your time with a loved one, such as our 'Where We Met' maps. Or why not put a twist on the classic birthdate newspaper and get it as a jigsaw, instead?

Order your personalised jigsaw puzzle from Find Me A Gift and piece together the perfect present for a loved one. And if we're talking about an actual 'loved' one, what better way to show how you tessellate than with a custom jigsaw?