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Do people keep stealing your stationery? Feeling like you're the office pen supplier? Unable to take people to task because you have the same boring pens as everyone else? Well put a stop to the pen thieving with one of our awesome novelty pens or quirky pencils. Once you have a distinct and unusual pen it will suddenly become much more difficult for anyone to nab yours and pretend it's theirs.

Make work or school more entertaining with a funny novelty pen. Whether you want something cute, fun, or downright rude, we've got the writing implement for you! After all, a pen that just looks like a pen and acts like a pen is very boring. The same goes for the humble HB. Luckily we have some novelty pens and pencils that will help keep you entertained while you sit and pretend to take notes in that tedious meeting/lecture/maths class.

Anyone who obsessively does the crossword in the Sunday newspapers or is always jotting things down in a notebook is bound to appreciate a quirky pen as a present. Funny pens also make great secret Santa gifts or presents for students. They cheer up a dull desk and are easier to find in a handbag than your standard or garden variety pens. Or if you're old school and love a pencil, we have a few fun models for your perusal. Brighten up your writing today!