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Give Yourself a Giggle in Your Office Tea Break with One of Our Hilarious Novelty Mugs

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One of life’s simplest yet most satisfying pleasures is grabbing 5 minutes of relaxation with a hot drink in your favourite mug. And our range of funny mugs is no exception to this rule. Whether you rely on tea or coffee to get you through the day, why not treat yourself to a unique novelty mug complete with a funny saying? That way, next time you’re feeling stressed or down, you just need to make yourself a brew and you’ll soon be smiling once more.

If you need a new hot drink holder for your coffee or know someone who does, just go wild and pick something awesome from our funny mugs page. When it comes to novelty the mug is a hero always ready for you to sup like a king, or if you prefer, slurp like a llama. To be honest we aren't fussy, you just go for it however it feels best, assured that regardless your mug is the funkiest on the tree.

When it comes to shipping your novelty mugs Find Me A Gift will fire (figuratively) your chosen beverage holder to all corners of the UK. And if required we'll deliver internationally too, to ensure you're ready when that most important moment of the day rolls around. Tea break!