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Website is great especially the loyalty points idea. I do hate delivery costs however. Rather tha offering discounts have you ever though of using the cost of offering discounts to get rid or at least lower delivery charges for customers that spend more than 10? Everyone hates delivery! Thats why Play.Com does so well - Robert White

Nice easy to use site good selection of gifts would use again. reasonable delivery charges. - Craig White

its truly an amazing site . i got what i needed for secret santa - Radhika Sangwan

Getting the right novelty keyring is a serious business. You need one that reflects your personality, be it your interests, humorous side or what type of car you drive... At Find Me A Gift we understand these needs. You can't be expected to carry something with you everywhere that is incompatible! That's why our novelty keyrings category is so carefully curated.

Without your keys you can't get into your home, drive your car, unlock your bike or retreat to the shed when the going gets tough. That's why you or maybe someone you know needs a keyring, you have to keep track of all these things, so why not do so with a little verve. Hook someone up with a novelty keyring that'll add colour, brightness and a little bit of awesome to their bunch.

Shipping novelty keyrings is no different from anything else we dispatch, and why would it be. Expect it in tip-top condition nice and quick. That's what we do at FMAG.