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About The Product

  • Wiley Wirey are Metal Puzzles!
  • Try and release the 2 pieces to solve the puzzle!
  • Each of the mind puzzles measures approx 6.5 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm
  • It will be pot luck what puzzle you will receive. Rest assured that whichever you receive will be infuriatingly addictive


Wiley Wirey Metal Puzzle Games

Metal puzzles are a mainstay of the Christmas cracker, however these Wiley Wirey versions have upped the stakes. Fiendishly difficult these chrome plated conundrums are two pieces of metal that are interlinked. The game is to part them from one another with a clever slide, twist or wrench using only your hands. Considerably easier said than done.

Perfect for those that like a challenge these metal puzzles will keep idle hands well and truly occupied. It is probably worth mentioning they are less suitable for the quick to anger or those with a love of DIY - it is not completely unheard of for the infuriated to turn to power tools. Up for some crazy difficult mind bender action? Then pop a Wiley Wirey metal puzzle in your basket.

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What's in the bag/box/etc?

  • 1 x Metal Mind Puzzle

Product Code:  fun243

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Emma | 12/12/2012
Good secret Santa
Rosemary | 24/12/2011
Kept the kids amused for hours.
Tomas P | 08/08/2011
Arrived quickly a few days ago, used a birthday voucher, thank you, nice touch. Still trying to work out the puzzle..
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