Naughty Knot Body Bow


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About The Product

  • A big red satiny ribbon that’s easily tied around your birthday suit turning you into a desirably hot human present!
  • Fits any woman or man from 4’11” to 6’, from pert AA’s to lusty DD’s!
  • Comes in a fabulous little silver gift-box and full instructions on how to tie!
  • Can be released by your partner by a gentle tug of the bow!
  • Has been featured on ABC’S American Inventor and the legendary Jerry Springer Show!
  • Suitable for Valentines, Anniversaries, Birthdays and special occasions when you feel like giving yourself


Naughty Knot Body Bow

Like gift wrap for naked bodies, this Naughty Knot ribbon will tie things up nicely! Made of red polyester satin, it is easy to put on and he will certainly enjoy unwrapping you. A superbly naughty Valentine’s Day treat or birthday surprise, imagine popping one of these on in a candlelit room, awaiting your partner... Hello baby!

Why not liven things up in the bedroom department? Get creative this year and tie a gift tag love letter to yourself too! Whether you are looking for adult stocking fillers or something saucy for a naughty weekend away, you can just imagine his face as he opens the door to see you all wrapped up like a dream. So what are you waiting for? Give him something he will want to unwrap again and again with our Naughty Knot Body Bow!

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What will you find in the box?

  • 1 x Naughty Knot Red Body Bow (lady on the box not included)
  • Full tying instructions

Product Code:  ghi005

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Molly Woods | 19/12/2013
Looks super sexy on and really easy to get on! What's better than to give your partner your self as a gift this Christmas, such a sexy surprise
Sarah Craig | 07/12/2013
A little bit of time needed to put it on and get it looking like the picture, however brilliant and had the desired effect!! Will definitely buy from this site again, fast delivery and does exactly what it says on the tin.
Wendy Watkins | 30/10/2013
My husband loved this , made his birthday unwrapping his special gift , me ! I would highly recommend this beautiful sexy bow.
yendy cao | 27/04/2013
Really satisfied with product. Instructions took a bit of time to understand. Really wanted to purchase both black and white coloured body bow if it was available. The fabric was average quality but it didn't matter anyway because it didn't remain on my body for long.
anonymous | 21/03/2013
Excellent gift. Had fun with it. Delivery fast too.Although the instruction where not very clear.
anonymous | 05/03/2013
The instructions are a bit hard to follow!
Carmen | 26/02/2013
Is very good an funny gift! I love it and my boyfriend more :D
dzhemile ramadan | 23/02/2013
I love it and my boyfriend too ;) great product. thank you
anonymous | 16/02/2013
Very pooor quality material whch is bound to snag.Would definitely only look good on a young,slim person.
David | 15/02/2013
Does exactly wot it says on the tin!!!
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taken by 'Retro.' - kitten von Mew, Warwickshire

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