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3 For 2
Bath Bubble Machine - White
was £19.99
Bath Lights Show
was £9.99
Lavender Eye Mask
was £9.90
3 For 2
Body Stroker and Tickler
was £6.99
Head Massager Spider
was £7.99
3 For 2
Hot Massage Stones
was £4.99
HealGel Intensive
was £37.50
Hot Boots - Pink
was £16.99
HealGel Face
was £48.00

Customer Comments

was great to go to a site and be able to find things i wouldnt find so easily.. Thanx - Jawira kauser

The website has an AMAZING range of gifts... from the sublime to ridiculous and the uber cool to uber cute. Its fun just to browse through all the categories and laugh about the gifts you couldnt let your gran see on Christmas day!I havent found any problems with the site. It is simple and easy to navigate and the menus and categories are very clear. The product descriptions are humorous which makes browsing much more entertaining and interesting and definitely keeps the visitor me! hooked for ages.The only thing I could suggest to improve would be to make the returning customer button clearer and more buttonlike on the checkout. I missed it because it didnt catch my attention so I filled out the entire form before being prompted to log in. Doh! - Amanda-Louise Clark

It was worth looking at the site not just the couple of items via Amazon. Cheaper too. Lets hope the shipping is as good. - Lisa Edney

Is there anyone more deserving of a few pamper gifts than your mum? Mother's Day is the perfect time to treat her like the queen she is, and we've all sorts of ideas that will help her relax and de-stress.

In this section you'll see a wide range of pampering gifts for women that make perfect presents for Mother's Day. There are products they can use in the bath or shower as well as a few massage kits and spa treats, all of which will help your dear mum feel her best.

We want mums all over the world to be spoilt on Mother's Day. That's why we ship our pamper gifts all over the UK and internationally as well. Every mum deserves the chance to feel a million dollars, so order from us today. Gifts don't come any more special than what you'll see here.