Inflatable Fake Tongue


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About The Product

  • Clamp in between your teeth and blow to inflate you tongue 3 times its original size!
  • Measures approx 8 cm x 4 cm x 1.5 cm from nozzle to tip
  • To clean simply wash with mild soap and water, dry and apply talcum powder to restore its realistic look!


Inflatable Fake Tongue

"Do not you stick your tongue out at me boy" Ok, I'll just inflate it then! If you are looking for a truly crazy novelty gift then this Inflatable Fake Tongue is the greatest joke we have ever seen. Disturbingly, this tongue looks quite realistic, which is a bit of a shocker when it starts to inflate like a frogs throat! To make it even more realistic it has a textured surface and a little tongue fur to boot. All you have to do to get the practical joke started is insert the nozzle end of the prank tongue into your mouth, keeping it in place with your teeth. When you fancy inflating your Fake Tongue to three times its original size just blow through the hole in the end! Totally unnatural, extremely weird and great fun, our Inflatable Fake Tongues are a brilliant joke gifts for kids and adult pranksters alike. This is a great stocking fillers to shock your family at the dinner table when you say you have burnt your tongue on Christmas Day.

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What will you find in the pack?

  • 1 x Inflatable Fake Tongue

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Good fun, addictive, kids loved it, son 29 thought it hilarious, not seen before! Now everyone wants to know where to buy one, cheap fun gift!
Andrew | 22/12/2012
great fun, great stocking filler
anonymous | 19/12/2012
anonymous | 05/01/2012
Gave two as presents - instant simple fun, went down a storm!
Gypsy | 03/01/2012
10 year old loved this!
sidney | 05/03/2009
had a right laugh with these, didnt half get some funny looks!
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