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When - or if - the sun starts shining, then why not invite the neighbours over to partake in some garden games. Fire up the barbecue and pour out the cloudy lemonade, or maybe something a little stronger, before entering into a competitive afternoon of games on the lawn - if you have one. These games are perfect for both kids and adults alike. A refreshingly different way to spend the day in this age of digital technology.

Not all outdoor activities have to be about slides and sandpits because not everyone is young enough to take part - even if they think they are! However, garden games, such as Boules and Skittles, are suitable for everyone. That means the kids will be kept occupied, mum and dad can jump in too as well as the grandparents - fun for all the family in other words.

We know that British summers can be a bit on the damp side, but these outdoor activities and games will soon have you forgetting about the weather and just having fun! The old cliche that 'a family who plays together, stays together' is certainly true once you all get stuck into these great game ideas. They are simply irresistable!