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It can be so difficult to get out of bed in the morning, especially when you haven't had your first cup of java. It's practically rocket fuel for humans and some of us are more dependent on it than others. If you know someone who relies on the reviving powers of a strong cup of joe most days, then why not treat them to a coffee related gift? No coffee lover is ever going to turn their nose up at a present that includes their favourite caffeinated substance!

Here at Find Me A Gift we've got some stellar coffee gift sets that are perfect for Christmas, birthdays and any occasion your favourite caffeine fan might be celebrating. Whether you're looking for something novelty to poke fun at their coffee addiction or a gift basket to help feed their dependency on the humble coffee bean, we've got plenty of gift ideas to amuse and delight. You can even use one of our personalised coffee gift sets to both at the same time.

FMAG HQ pretty much runs on endless cups of coffee so we reckon we know a thing or two about the stuff. We've got plenty of ideas when it comes to gifts for coffee lovers, so why not sit back and have a good old browse. Once you've made up your mind we'll make sure to ship it to you without delay so you can pass on the caffeine-y goodness.