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If home truly is where your heart is, bring some heart into your homewares too. Creature Comfort's critters have a lotta love to give, bringing life into living rooms and injecting character into kitchens. Thanks to a perfect mix of modern style and adorable appeal, our wonderful wildlife designs look at home anywhere.

Whimsical and warm-hearted, Creature Comforts homeware is a gift that guarantees a smile from everyone. Whether they adore animals or can't get enough of charming contemporary design, Creature Comforts cushions and mugs are a wonderful way to give someone that lovely fuzzy feeling that only comes with the perfect present.

Imagine a nature-inspired nook with these oh-so-cuddly companions on your couch and counters. Seeing a Sneaky Squirrel or Solemn Stag sat on your sofa is bound to set you off smiling! Let these lovable little beasts light up your home with their contemporary charm and charisma, and they'll repay you by giving your household a heartfelt (metaphorical) hug.

Designed by the collaborative designers 'Sam Deers', Creature Comforts encompass the beauty of our planet's most fascinating fauna in a style that suits every taste.