Grow Your Own Willy


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About The Product

  • Can grow up to 600% of it's original size!
  • Grows in room temperature water and will be full size in 3 days (though some may take up to 10 days)
  • Will shrink back to it's original size out of water and can be grown again and again
  • Approx 5 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm at it's original size


Grow Your Own Willy

Without fear of pregnancy, STD's, midnight leg humping or the inevitable 'Morning Wood' this really is a girl's new best friend. Always standing to attention, this wet little soldier will not poke where it isn’t wanted nor answer back when you say you have a headache. We have our vibrators and toys for fun in bed, but if we purely want to look at a willy without the hassle of inevitable sexual conduct, then the Grow Your Own Willy's are perfect novelty gifts.

Once out of water the Grow Your Own Willy will shrink back to it's original size meaning you can grow it over and over, give it a name or even go to certain American states and marry it (hey, a woman married a rock so surely this makes more sense?)...

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Novelty gifts are our speciality and this is one gift that is bound to get a giggle and raise more than an eyebrow. Perfect for stocking fillers , Birthday gifts or even Hen Party gifts! Why not create a naughty gift basket or send to someone who needs a bit of cheering up?

The Grow Your Own Willy is not for sexual use, but that is the refreshing thing about it! Just as we like to gaze at Michelangelo's statue of David's tiny beaver cleaver and appraise it for it's 'artistic properties of statuesque bantam prominence' (small willy, but you like it cos it's arty and he's hot), you can use your Grow Your Own Willy for it's own artistic qualities. If Tracey Emin can win a Turner Prize for sticking her grubby, unmade bed in an art gallery, think how many squilleons of pounds (estimate only) you'll be netting yourself on this fellas artistic merit.

What will you find in the box?

  • 1 x Willy for you to grow

Product Code:  dgp012

£1.99RRP: £2.49 | You save £0.50 (20%)
In Stock    

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Emma | 08/01/2014
Brought as a secret Santa present for a work colleague. Very funny although didn't grow very big haha. Great delivery service. Smooth process all round!
Ash Bartlett | 26/12/2013
Great fun, I gave them to mates as a Christmas present. Although they are cheap it doesn't take anything away from the quality of the product. A very funny gift that I would recommend. Product arrived on time so all pleased.
theresa hitchman | 27/11/2013
Was totally the laugh we expected my friend was a bit disappointed that it didn't grow much after being in water all night but still amusing thanks.
Kim Blackmore | 17/10/2013
Great fun for a secret santa present.
Amy Johnson | 02/07/2013
Great Gag gift would recommend
Rosina | 02/04/2013
Loved it
anonymous | 18/03/2013
Arrived quickly. Hen do not til June, so we havent tested out yet!
Amy-Claire | 17/03/2013
Brilliant such a laugh
Lynn | 07/03/2013
Great as a fun gift
Sophie | 28/02/2013
this gift is amazing for anyone on hens+stags or even for your single friends as a joke
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