Miracle Cure For A Hangover


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About this Product

  • 4 x bath bags containing lavender and other herbs
  • The muslin bags can be infused in the water and rubbed onto skin like soap
  • The whimsical box measures approx 7.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 3.2 cm


Miracle Cure for a Hangover

Dr William Goodhew's Miracle Cure for a Hangover and the Elimination of Alcohol Abuse will sooth away last night's over indulgence with the scent of lavender and other herbs in special bath bags. Sure it won't take away the suddenly realisation that your knickers are somewhere back in Hackney being worn like a crown on some drunk guy's head, but it may help soothe your aching limbs. Well, it's better than the raw egg and orange juice remedy anyway isn't it?

Whether you are looking for funny gifts for women or perhaps a fitting Secret Santa gift for a work colleague, this will certainly cause a laugh!

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What's in the box?

  • 4 x Bath Bags

Product Code:  tmh041

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Mary Gallagher | 27/12/2013
This product was shared on boxing day, as there was a need for a lot of hangover cures!
Christine Schofield | 23/12/2013
Can't wait to give my son this for Xmas, although I am tempted to give him it tonight as he is out on the drinking leg tonight with friends from Uni and will be sure to need this in the morning.
anonymous | 02/02/2013
a lovely bathtime treat and makes a great gift for boozey friends
anonymous | 12/01/2013
Good idea - hasn''t been tested yet, but it''s the thought that counts.
jennifer | 09/01/2013
very small
bryony | 05/01/2013
Turned up on time, was a very good jokey present and would work well as a stocking filler or an extra little something. Also I''ve heard its quite a good cure if you feel like preparing to nurture your own head after a night out!
anonymous | 05/01/2013
Much merriment with this and many disappointed that it did not actually work..... Fools. Tasty though.
anonymous | 02/01/2013
Smells pretty good. Lavender. It arrived nice and quick. Good site.
anonymous | 28/12/2012
Not powerful enough ;-(
anonymous | 19/12/2012
Very useful!
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