I'm Saving Up To Quit My Job - Tin Money Bank


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"I'm Savin' Up To Quit My Job!" Tin Coin Bank

This novelty money box should be all you need to start saving those pennies for D-Day. Does your boss treat you like a bit of dirt on their shoe? Maybe you're not enjoying the role and think it's time for a change? Start saving with this money bank and hopefully in just a few months you'll have enough to fall back on. Then comes the fun part, telling them where they can stick it...

As well as offering a place of refuge for your hard earned cash the 'I'm Savin' Up To Quit My Job' Money Tin serves up inspirational quotes to keep you on track. So as a wise money box once said, 'escape before it's too late' and order today.

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Nicole Ross | 02/01/2014
Although the money bank was smaller than I imagined, I would still recommend this as a good secret Santa gift for a friend or workmate. Delivery was very quick, especially considering it was during the Christmas period.
anonymous | 04/01/2013
I bought this for my daughter in law as a table present at christmas & I put a £1 coin in it to start her savings off! as she hates her job this really was an ideal present that had us all in fits of laughter.
anonymous | 29/05/2012
This was an absolute fantastic gift, got many a laugh too. Great little top up gift.
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