Beer Belt Drinks Holder


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Beer Belt - Beer Holder

Beer, beer, glorious beer. The drink of gentlemen. British food. The best liquid ever invented. Make sure that you're never short of a goodly supply of the dark brown fluid with our fabulous Beer Belt Drinks Holder. It holds six bottles of beer (or - if you're some kind of girly - soft drinks) at the ready, warmed nicely to body temperature and ready for quaffing.

The Drinks Holder is perfect for parties when you've taken six bottles back for you and your mates, whilst at the same time balancing a plate of ham sandwiches and a plate of sausage rolls. When we saw this, we started making a list of all the people who'd like one - and it consisted of every bloke we knew, including the vicar. This is the perfect fun gift for the real six shooter. It's a wow for birthdays, Father's Day and Christmas. The Beer Belt will also help to hold in the inevitable beer belly you'll get from drinking all that lovely beer.

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anonymous | 30/12/2012
Great product but packaging was a little damaged. It wasn''t a big problem as I was able to put it back in place with tape
hannah | 11/12/2012
cute and novel, perfect stocking filler
anonymous | 08/10/2012
bought as a joke present and when i seen it all i could do was laugh, i am sure the person i am giving it too will love it.
Rosemary | 17/09/2012
perfect gift for the person intended
anonymous | 07/01/2012
great secret santa 18 year old son loved it!
Pauline | 31/12/2011
Great novelty gift, its quite useful too.
anonymous | 29/12/2011
Just perfect for a secret santa present
rebecca | 14/12/2011
Very original.
Claire | 13/12/2011
great for my guy friends!! such a laugh!
Deborah | 17/11/2011
fantastic idea and just in time for christmas
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