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Customer Comments

Hi this site is wonderfullin my country 90 of those products are not available. I want to start a website like this but i dont have any experience in this field. In my family everyone are working. But i want to start a business and want to achieve more. Please HELP ME... - Manikandan

I am particularly impressed with the wide selection of unusual gifts that you have on offer. - Janine Gray

I found your website very good i was stuck for choice. Good price to. I will be coming back soon. - louise

Make saving fun by dropping all of your coppers and silvers into one of our novelty money boxes. Whether you're saving up to quit your job or a trip to the aquarium they'll be more than happy to help. Stash your cash and have a laugh at the same time.

Here at Find Me A Gift we've all sorts of cool money boxes for you to choose from. Some are funky animal shapes whereas others are full on bizarre and will definitely have you laughing. We specialise in finding gifts that are a little more unusual and our novelty money boxes section will not disappoint.

Remember that we deliver internationally (as well as all over the UK) which means that no matter where your recipient lives they'll be able to experience the joy of a novelty money box. So add a splash of fun and a sprinkling of loose change to your life by ordering one of our unusual money boxes today. It may just be the best investment you ever make...