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Opting for one of our novelty aprons as a gift for a pal is a way to tell them that yes they're a dynamite in the kitchen, but also that they're game for a laugh. Two qualities that most would agree make for a good friend, "We can have a laugh and you'll cook for me? Your ace!"

In this carefully constructed category we have both novelty aprons for women and men, so whether you're buying for a kitchen queen or king we reckon you'll find something grand. If you want to pacify your very own Gordon Ramsey while he's causing a stir in the hub of the house then bedeck him in one of our funny aprons. It's tough to take a swearing chef seriously when he's wiping his hands on a novelty apron that makes him look very much like a burlesque dancer...

At Find Me A Gift we'll send our novelty aprons UK wide so wherever you are things will be delivered quickly and for a great price. Jazz up your kitchen wear with funky aprons from us, the gift ideas people.