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Happy Birthday Hat
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Propeller Hat

Our funny hats section is the haven for all those that love to make a statement with their headwear. Admittedly that statement might be, 'Look at me I'm a nut-job', but that's OK! That's why crazy hats exist, right?

There is always room for funny hats at any celebration. Partying with something on your bonce that forces everyone else at the party into a double take followed by a guffaw is a selfless act. It also means that you and the shindig will be remembered by your novelty attire, "Which party was that?" "You remember, the one where Johnny wore that funny hat." "Oh that one. That was a great party and Johnny, boy is that guy funny!"

At FMAG we love crazy and silly hats and you should too. We're confident our range should provide enough variation that you will be able to find something suitable to pop on your head and entertain your pals. Funny hats are us!