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Our spy gadgets are a mixture of great fun and the latest technology, plus they make you feel like Bond, James Bond. Need to tap into a conversation, monitor a room covertly or take down an evil mastermind who lives in a volcano, FMAG can help!

In amongst our selection of unusual gadgets we've dedicated a section to all those budding 007 types out there. We're talking about our spy gadgets category, it's our version of Q's laboratory and while there might not be a little Nellie, we do have some impressive spy stuff.

A lot of what you'll find is built on the technology of real spy gadgets and will have you behaving like a regular Gene Hackman before you know it. Spy camera, spy watch, spy pen, we have everything you need to kit yourself out for some home turf espionage.

If you need your spy gadgets quick don't worry because we can ship all over the UK and internationally in the only way we know how, fast and secure.