Duck With A Dick


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  • Classic yellow with a matching detachable pork sword
  • It measures approx 9 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm
  • The perfect naughty novelty gift


Duck with a Dick

This little yellow fellow may look like an ordinary rubber duck on the surface, but have a closer look at what lies beneath. Meet the Duck with a Dick, a well-endowed specimen who'll add a splash of fun to your bath time. He's not ashamed to let it all hang out, which is hardly surprising when you consider the size of his manhood in relation to his body. The Duck with a Dick definitely has the equipment to impress the birds...

Not a gift for the feint-hearted (or one that's suitable for the kids) this duck's penis is actually detachable. That's enough to make most men wince with pain, but the Duck with a Dick isn't fazed. He actually finds it pretty useful in certain situations. So if you're looking for a bath toy that can go from dirty to clean, much like you after a scrub in the tub, order one of these naughty rubber ducks today. You won't be disappointed.

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What do you get?

  • 1 x Duck with Dick

Product Code:  spf010

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Gareth walters | 13/05/2014
As described. A bit of fun. Person I bought it for found it hilarious, It was the talk of a good party. Now looking for some more ducks.
Matthew | 07/01/2014
Bought as a Secret Santa present for a co-worker. They found it very funny and it is a great talking point, although may want to keep it away from the kids!
rae tyson | 26/12/2013
Product was brilliant and everyone enjoyed their Xmas presents, definitely will be using the site again!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again findmeagift.
Mohammed Hisham | 06/04/2013
Very well packaged and shipped on time. Description is as the product.
Lynn | 07/03/2013
Good quality and fun
SUE | 02/01/2013
anonymous | 11/12/2012
Bought as a Christmas stocking filler novelty so hard to review the product per se
Karen | 27/11/2012
My sister collects these - can''t wait to see her face when she sees this, it''s going to be a talking point for a while!!
Chris | 23/10/2012
Good novelty toy. My girlfriend was suitably satisfied!
Darren | 06/08/2012
Bought this for my mother and she has been laughing and finally nice to see a smile on her face everyday again
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