Vinalito Wine Aerator


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About The Product

  • Vinalito is a wine aerator
  • Simply hold it over your glass and pour your wine through the top
  • It releases all of the wines flavours and scents as intended
  • Hand wash only
  • Includes handy carry pouch
  • It measures approx 6.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 6.5 cm
  • This wine breather makes a fantastic gift for all ages


Vinalito Wine Aerator

The Vinalito Wine Aerator is the only way to make the most of your bottle. It will enhance the flavour of all wines, whether you're drinking a vintage red from the vineyards of Bordeaux, or the cheapest bottle of plonk you could find in the supermarket. The Vinalito Wine Aerator is welcoming to all!

It couldn't be easier to use this wine aerator. Simply hold it above your wine glass and pour into the top of the device. The design helps the air to fortify your wine in a matter of seconds and ensures that the scents and flavours are released exactly as intended. It works by oxygenating the wine in a fast and controlled manner. The end result will be a glass of wine with a delightful aroma, smooth finish and, most importantly, a wonderful taste. Order your Vinalito Wine Aerator today, and start drinking your wine the way it was meant to be drunk.

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What's in the box?

  • 1 x Vinalito Wine Aerator

Product Code:  ghi055

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Sarah Novel | 03/01/2014
You can really taste the difference using this. I thought it was a bit of a gimmick, but it works.
Olivia Carroll | 24/12/2013
Great gift! Looks really good in its packaging box too and also comes with a stand for use once opened. Thanks again find me a gift!
Christine | 09/01/2013
very good dose what says on the box
Juliet | 09/01/2013
I bought this as a gift. It is well presented and aesthetic.I heard it does help to aerate the wine. best to use on your more average wines as oppose to a cellar vintage which really should breathe more on its own. happy with the product.
anonymous | 08/01/2013
This is my new favorite gadget. It opens up the wine instantly to improve the aroma and flavor...The perfect gift for wine lovers.
Paul | 08/01/2013
It certainly does the job! Both friends and I have noticed the improvement to the wine once filtered through this aerator.It was at the low end of the price range for such products but still performs the function well. Also, because it is made of perspex rather than glass, it is less likely to be broken. I am pleased with the purchase as it seems to turn a £7 bottle of wine into a £15 one! Paul
Mark | 06/01/2013
This has to be tried to be believed. You would think you were drinking from two different bottles of wine. Great to use, the Vinalito is beautifully made and beautifully packaged.Delivered on time, great service. Cheers.
anonymous | 05/01/2013
Christmas gift for my Dad and proved to be his favourite! Easy to use and very effective. We had lots of fun tasting before and after and all in the name of science. Would definitely recommend. Effective, easy to use and attractive gadget.
anonymous | 04/01/2013
Great gift which really work. I bought it for my brother in law who said it really improved the taste of a red without having to let it breathe!
anonymous | 03/01/2013
nice design and a high quality finish would certainly buy this product again
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