Personalised Wine Glasses

There's something really rather classy about engraved wine glasses. They are a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion and are timeless gifts. From elegant cut glass to funky painted designs, we have personalised wine glasses to suit every personality.

If you're looking for a fabulous keepsake, you can't go much wrong with a personalised wine glass. Already a stylish item, they look simply stunning once there's a message etched onto them. Toast a birth, wedding, or graduation with a glass that was made especially for the occasion.

Sometimes you just need a large glass of red wine. Or white. We're really not that fussy. Give your tipple some extra panache with a customised glass. Add a witty phrase to make you smile every time you take a sip, or emblazon your name across the glass so that everyone else knows to keep their grubby mitts off. Given as a gift or as a treat to yourself, personalised wine glasses are items to cherish forever.