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The sight is very easy to use and layout is good however it is difficult to know what category products are under and often you end up looking repeatedly at the same products as they come under so many different categories i know there are different products however i found finding something without knowing its name very difficult to do. - Stephanie Rann

brilliant site always look on here for stocking fillers and birthday pressies!! - CLAIRE GREEN

Excellent website! So easy to use and keep track of everything.Some of the funniest gifts Ive seen in yearsactually made me laugh out loud for ages! Brilliant really excited with the gifts to arrive soon! Thanks! - Jet

I found this site really easy to look through and order from. The categorys that are at the side of the screen make it easy and simple and its all done within a few clicks! I am thoroughly happy with what I have seen and found and cant wait for my orders to come through Im so excited. - Cara Hughes

I think it would be beneficial to show more than 80 products per page. Maybe a show all button per catagory? Thanks - James Buxton

When it comes to buying gifts, booze is rarely a bad option. Alcohol gifts are suitable for just about anyone, well, as long as they enjoy a tipple and are over the age of 18 that is. Here at Find Me A Gift we've put together a great range of alcohol presents that should limit the need for a last minute four pack of lager. Everyone knows you bought it at the garage on the way to the party!

We've tried to spread the range across all manner of ages, tastes and occasions so we're confident you'll find alcohol gift ideas that fit with who you're looking to buy for. At the more sophisticated and special end of our beverage spectrum we have alcohol gift sets that are sure to go down a treat, in more ways than one. At the other end of the spectrum we have virtual aisles full of drinking gifts, novelty (our speciality) and more sensible choices.

There are so many different drinking gifts to choose from on our site that you're going to be spoilt for choice. We've wine, champagne, beer and all sorts of spirits so whatever your recipient's favourite tipple may be we've drinking presents and accessories to excite their taste buds. So what are you waiting for, order your buddy an alcohol gift today.