Customer Comments

Fantastic website for brilliant and silly gifts orders always go through fine. Use you every christmas and most birthdays!!! - Andrew Johnson

Its quite good but it can be difficult to find what your looking for there is so much to choose from!! - Jennifer Clayton

excellent service all items received were in excellent condition and they arrived within 2 days of ordering excellent service. - Rachel

Hi this site is wonderfullin my country 90 of those products are not available. I want to start a website like this but i dont have any experience in this field. In my family everyone are working. But i want to start a business and want to achieve more. Please HELP ME... - Manikandan

I love the variety of unique gifts you have here and the pricing! Just hoping the quality is good too thanks! - Marwa EL-damanawi

Unique and Unusual Gift Ideas

Here at Find Me A Gift we've collected a fabulous and varied range of gifts that will have you in pole position whatever the occasion and whoever the recipient. They don't call us the gift ideas people for nothing!

If you're searching for novelty gifts specifically or looking to be inspired by some unique gift ideas then you're in the right place. We're a UK based online emporium with a vast amount of the cool and groovy when it comes to gifts. Just make your way up and down our virtual aisles and browse at your leisure. We're confident you'll be able to find just what you're after!