Brass A-Z Monogram Seal
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i must say that this is a really pleasant site. im on cursed dial up because i live in the middle of nowhere so its nice to have an astetically pleasing site in the backround while im waiting for it to load. in addition im glad to see that it doesnt have have silly videos and such in the backround which on dial up take an age to load and arent worth the wait anyway. this site is definately dial up friendly and i dont know whether it was designed that way of if it was just a happy accident but either way it definately gets the thumbs up from me - Kiera

secure easy to use great checkout systemclear to use.have no problems saving item i want and coming back another day to purchase them which is great once we have decided its for us secure when paying also accept paypal which is even better not haveing to share details!thanks! - claire

Fab site use all the time. Was stuck for ideas and found this site and now can always find something for any one! Will continue to use! - Carla Moody

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