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In the world of confectionary it's safe to say that the old ways are most definitely the best. If you long for the days when E numbers went unnoticed and fruity pops counted towards your five a day you'll love our retro sweets section, where taste always comes first.

Cola bottles, double lollies, packets of Parma Violets, you'll find all sorts of sweets from the 70s, 80s and 90s on our site. It doesn't matter whether you're partial to bit of popping candy or are a Love Hearts kind of guy, because we have the lot. Everyone knows that traditional sweets taste so much better than the stuff you'll find on the shelf in the 21st century, so why not make the journey back to a tastier time?

Just like our retro gifts we ship our retro sweets UK wide as well as internationally, so taste buds across the world will once again be able to tang as they did a few decades ago. And if fizzers and refresher bars aren't really your thing but you're still after some old school sweets to chow down on then be sure to head over to our chocolate bars and gifts section. The retro sweet comes in many forms when you shop with Find Me A Gift.