Mermaid Magic Fizz And Surprise


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About The Product

  • A wonderfully exciting and fun toy for little ones to discover!
  • Requires you to place the lively coloured clam-shell in warm water and watch as it dissolves and fizzes magically, revealing a delightful glistening little mermaid toy!
  • Features a wonderful little mermaid which magically changes her tail colour when you dip her from warm water into cold water!
  • Surprise gifts to collect, each with their own magical points – a different mermaid is included in each separate magical shell!
  • The Shell measures approx 7 cm x 7 cm
  • Gift is suitable for little ones from aged 4+


Mermaid Magic Fizz And Surprise

The Mermaid Magic Fizz And Surpirse toy does indeed feature quite the surprise! The Toy starts off life as a colourful clam, which conceals the mermaid. Releasing her and discovering just which one of the 12 mermaids you have is part of the joy. Drop the clam into water and watch as it magically fizzes away revealing the fishy fair maiden ready for playing with.

As already mentioned there are 12 magic mermaids to collect and each one has a tail that changes colour depending on the temperature of the water she's bathing in. The magic mermaids also have a points system showing you where their particular sea-nymph talents lie. If you know a girl who loves an aquatic fairy-tale then the Mermaid Magic Fizz And Surpirse range is sure to make her smile.

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What do you get?

  • 1 x Mermaid Magic Fizz & Surprise

Product Code:  hrg003

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Maureen Fletcher | 04/01/2014
Was delighted with purchase as was unable to find in shops in Cardiff. My grand daughter is special needs and she had asked for these for Xmas.
Stuart | 16/02/2013
Excellent pocket money toy that''s well worth the money!
anonymous | 05/02/2013
My 5 year old loved this and was so excited waiting to find out which mermaid fizzed out of the shell.
Claire | 29/12/2012
Great pressie for a young girl, my nieces love them!
Jo | 28/12/2012
My 6 year old loved this!
Sandra | 12/11/2012
Happy with purchase as a Christmas stocking filler.Not actually used it yet though.
Kate | 18/10/2012
Great item, my girls love watching these fizz in the sink!
Marina | 19/02/2012
one lovely surprise little mermaid inside the bath fizz bath ball. daughter loved melting the fizz bath ball and loved the mermaid even more - I bought 3 or 4 of them to get a selection and we only got one repeat mermaid but no problem, daughter loves them all and plays with them all the time in he bath - their tales change colour in the hot water. great value for lots and lots of fun.
anonymous | 29/01/2012
V good value, daughter loved waiting to see what she would get.
anonymous | 03/01/2012
My granddaughter loved the mermid fizzes. Will certainly purchase more
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