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About The Product

  • Insect Lore's Big Bunch O' Bugs is a varied collection of toy bugs!
  • Constructed from hardy, flexible plastic.
  • Insects included are: Butterflies, Spiders, Bees, Praying Mantises, Beetles, Ants, Flies, Ladybugs and Scorpions
  • Bug sizes vary, but are mainy from between 4 cm - 8 cm long
  • Bug toys come presented in a re-seal-able plastic tube - complete with a useful tote strap
  • Perfect for little insect lovers aged 3 years and above


Big Bunch O' Bugs

A tube full of creepy crawlies may sound like a nightmare, but the scary insects in the Big Bunch O' Bugs are all made of plastic and only move as much as your kids want them too. Open the reusable plastic tube and see a whole horde of creepy crawlies scuttle out. These brightly coloured, realistic toys include not only everyday insects like spiders, ants and flies, but lots of exotic creatures such as Scorpions and Praying Mantises.

Kids will love playing pranks with the Big Bunch O' Bugs; you'd better watch out for spiders under your pillow or flies in your coffee cup! They can be used in so many ways for imaginative play, alone or with friends, and they can be easily fitted back in the plastic tube and taken out and about with the handy carrying strap. This great gift has no rules or instructions – it's just a big bunch of Creepy Crawlie fun!

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What's in the box?

  • 1 x Tube of Insect Lore Bugs (includes approximately 16 insects) typically - Butterflies, Spiders, Bees, Praying Mantises, Beetles, Ants, Flies, Scorpions and Ladybugs

Product Code:  inl003

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sam | 11/04/2012
Olwen Cockell | 10/03/2012
The are plenty of bugs to scare your kids witless
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