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Kama Sutra Game of Love

The Kama Sutra Game comes straight from the top of our sauciest of shelving units and will always leave you wanting more. It's only for two players (unless you're feeling particularly experimental) and it's not one to play on the living room floor if your house mates are around. But whenever you and your partner get some alone time you'll be wanting to play.

After a couple of rounds of the Karma Sutra Game you'll be more like Superman than a Missionary. I'll say no more than that...Enjoy!

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Players of the Kama Sutra Game will become skilled and confident lovers bringing happiness and harmony to themselves, their relationships... .and their lives!

Contents of the Kama Sutra Game:
Preparation Booklet, Interpretation Booklet, Embrace Cards, Massage Cards, Taste Cards and Congress Cards.

Product Code:  box004

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stephen | 22/02/2013
Great item
anonymous | 13/02/2013
ok but pictures very much alike just different names.
anonymous | 12/02/2013
Really lovely item, cant wait to try it,
anonymous | 03/01/2013
Certainly spices things up and will be coming out the box a few more times!
anonymous | 29/12/2012
Great secret Santa present. Much better quality than I expected
Lynn | 08/01/2012
Beautifully packaged. Lots of fun and does exactly what is says on the tin ;-)
Zoe | 01/01/2012
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