Ladybird House


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About The Product

  • This Insect Tower is constructed from birch logs and oak from sustainable sources
  • Central hollow chamber filled with natural materials and holes around the outside
  • Place out of prevailing winds in a warm location such as; lawns, shrub beds, planters, or wooded glades
  • Features little painted wooden ladybirds!
  • The ladybird habitat measures approx 10 cm x 28 cm x 10 cm


Ladybird House

Are you fed up with aphids feasting on your roses? Is greenfly getting your goat? Discourage pests, decorate your garden and delight your friends and family all in one nifty stroke, with this sweet and eco-friendly Ladybird House. This pretty and practical gift, made from sustainably grown birch and oak wood, provides the ideal habitat with which to encourage ladybirds into any garden. Perfect for the summer months, when ladybirds are at their most useful in controlling common garden pests, this quirky gift also provides the perfect space for them to hibernate in over the winter, helping ensure their survival.

Your gardener friends will love this environmentally friendly addition to their plots, and kids will delight in having a specially designed ladybird house, and in watching these useful little garden visitors come and go. Why not give someone this perfect garden gift today?

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What do you get?

  • 1 x Ladybird House
  • 1 x Pole

Product Code:  wlw004

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Amanda Fulton | 01/08/2013
Product is lovely and not only do ladybirds use the house but so do other insects. Would definitely recommend this product
ODETTE | 09/11/2012
It is a nice product and a nice idea - although none of my ladybirds seem to have stayed! (I bought loads!).
anonymous | 21/03/2012
lovely looking item, bought it for my mum, who seemed to like it. Will wait and see if the local ladybirds take a liking to it too!
Heidi | 14/03/2012
good quality, fun present-very pleased.
Amie | 02/12/2011
Loved this ladybird house - so different and so cute!
Emilia | 10/05/2011
Great for encouraging ladybirds into my garden and makes a nice feature.
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