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Encourage interactive play with a toy robot. Here at FMAG we're a big fan of such engaging machines and we reckon they're probably about as cool as an educational toy can get. They teach control, communication and vital programming skills. Who knows, maybe a gift of an interactive robot toy for Christmas could mean that your child grows up to be a roboticist! In fact, call us crazy but we also think that child-like adults will love some of the robots we have on offer.

Robot toys aren't always high tech and difficult to learn to use. We have a wide range of robotic toys from traditional, no batteries required models to build, to little robots that can be controlled using apps on your smartphone. Children and adults alike will be fascinated by such clever devices. Great for encouraging experimentation and creative problem solving, toy robots for kids are an exciting and educational gift for any occasion.

If your child is always pestering you for a pet but you know that they'll forget to feed and clean it out, why not give them a robot toy instead? These intelligent devices are a wonderful way to improve interpersonal skills. Shy and lonely children will be especially enchanted to receive a robotic friend to play with. Not just for the boys, all kids will love playing with one of our cool robot toys.