Customer Comments

I wanted to order a journal for my parents... a very good site! - Kenneth Brown

Hi! I just wanted to let you and your team know that as a prospective customer who is confused and panicked about her Christmas gift list this year I have found your site both entertaining and useful. I was most worried about finding something for my father who is one of the most fussy people you could ever imagine! While browsing through your very clearly marked mens section I happened to spy a gift idea that would not only please my fussy father but would also delight my two brothers and my boyfriend! The item was one of your gaming chairs with builtin sub woofers and speakers. Considering the fact that my whole family are just completely gamingmad and own every console under the sun it was a complete gem of a find and really eased my Christmas worries! Not only have I now sorted out presents for my dad brothers and boyfriend with just one site but the items will be delivered to me in around a week to a week and a half without me needing to lug those chairs about! This item was also at a wonderful price and Ive been shopping around online for the same product all night since I saw it and I have yet to find it any cheaper elsewhere. Thank you and congratulations on such a wonderful and easytouse website that really did save me alot of hassle now I just need to worry about my mum and friends. I will definitely recommend your site to anyone and everyone I know and will do the rest of my christmas shopping on here as well. - Christina Lauro

this site offers a vast selection of novelty but also pratical goods - SCOTT CAIRNEY

We all know how difficult men are to buy for. They never seem to ask for anything, and when there is something they want they always seem to go out and buy it themselves. How inconsiderate! This means that when it comes to buying gifts for the men in your life your only real option is to opt for something funny. And once you've had a rummage through the funny gifts for men section at Find Me A Gift, you'll never be stuck for ideas again.

We've got products to make all types of men laugh, no matter what they're like. If they're sensitive about getting old why not poke fun at their age? Or you could go down the sports or music route? If all else fails just remember that when it comes to buying joke presents for a man you can't go wrong with a bit of toilet humour.

So whether you're shopping for a prudish uncle or a teenage boy who thinks farting is the funniest thing in the world you're in the right place to find some funny gifts for him. Mens joke gifts are always a winner!