Birthday Presents

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The fact the gift ideas are split into occasions is useful especially as its split into gender catagories. However this is quite biased as it can be your opinion of what gift is suitable for which occasion. It would be helpful to also have an option to browse gifts by catagory of gifts. Examples of catagories are photo frames albums etc. gagets home etc. This is because sometimes you have a rough idea of what present you want to get! - Abigail Grimshaw
i think this website is one of the best for presents it has a great variety. so i can shop for my boyfriend and little sister on this website. - hannah
a very easy to use and comprehensive site. appreciated the simplicity and lack of gimmicks or flashing images. Easy to identify product caregorys and move through pages. One of the fastest sites I have used. Enjoyed effortless uninterupted browsing. - michael barnes
Outstanding service. Ordered Tuesday afternoon delivered Wednesady afternoon. This is how internet shopping SHOULD be done. Thanks. - Paul
Excellent Service easy to use website and the one stop shop for every occasion. - Mr Miles