Customer Comments

the website is great and provide lots of different choices of gift compare to other online shops or shops across the street things on this site and very unique and always provide a wow effect and provide me some ideas to buy gifts for different occasions. - Minnie

i think that the site is very good and that the gifts are very original especially in comparison with most other websiteswhich simply offer gifts that are cliched andor overpriced. - Niamh

Purchased several fun novelty gifts for the family. All were well received. Easy site to use and delivery was very promnpt. Thank You. - Janet Wakeham

If you're looking for a present for a friend or relative that's a little bit different you'll love the unusual birthday gifts on offer here at Find Me A Gift. We've got loads of funny and novelty products that will have the recipient in stitches for days on end. So if you want your birthday present to go down in history you need to shop with us.

Funny's what we do best here, and you'll find loads of ideas for both men and women. Some are a bit cheeky, which is always a fun route to go down for a birthday. Others are just downright bizarre and we're sure you won't have seen anything like them before. If there's a way to put a funny twist on a traditional product we'll have found it.

Another great reason to buy from us is the fact that we'll deliver your novelty birthday presents anywhere in the UK, as well as internationally. In fact the same can be said of all our products. We want everybody in the world to experience the joyous feeling of opening up a bundle of fun from Find Me A Gift, and with our international delivery they certainly can.