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Customer Comments

This is the first time I have used this site. Its been very easy to use with really lovely and some usual gifts. Have just done most of my Xmas shopping even though I was just browsing for my friends 40th birthday pressiewhich I also got! I will def use this again. - Deborah

The fact the gift ideas are split into occasions is useful especially as its split into gender catagories. However this is quite biased as it can be your opinion of what gift is suitable for which occasion. It would be helpful to also have an option to browse gifts by catagory of gifts. Examples of catagories are photo frames albums etc. gagets home etc. This is because sometimes you have a rough idea of what present you want to get! - Abigail Grimshaw

I always struggle to find something for my husbands birthday usualy end up with the normal socks and boxers type of present but your site always has something unusual and different on here that makes that special occasion always seem more special. - cheryl Townsend

The 'great' Good Charlotte once sang that girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money. Wait a minute guys, you forgot to mention the birthday gifts on offer at Find Me A Gift. Girls love them too! This section is actually all about finding the very best gifts for children and young teenage girls, so you can probably cross cars off that list as well. It turns out Good Charlotte don't actually know anything, what a surprise...

Enough with the average American pop punk, we're here to talk about presents. This section is full of variety. There are birthday gifts for girls who like traditionally girly things, like animals and flowers, and gadgets and games for those who embody the true spirit of a 21st century child. There are also edible gifts for sweet toothed girls and craft kits for budding designers. In fact we've got pretty much everyone covered.

As far as shipping is concerned we'll deliver our birthday gifts for girls all over the world, so nobody has to feel left out. Happy browsing and - oh yes - happy birthday!