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Very good site hopefully the good turn up and are like the ones on yourr website. - Richard

Very good site huge selection of items suitable for everyone! - Craig Thomas

i must say that this is a really pleasant site. im on cursed dial up because i live in the middle of nowhere so its nice to have an astetically pleasing site in the backround while im waiting for it to load. in addition im glad to see that it doesnt have have silly videos and such in the backround which on dial up take an age to load and arent worth the wait anyway. this site is definately dial up friendly and i dont know whether it was designed that way of if it was just a happy accident but either way it definately gets the thumbs up from me - Kiera

Thankyou for saving me hours of panic of what to get my boyfriend and friends for birthdays and christmas! Love love love this site! The best part is the sales which actually do save you money! Thankyou soooo much!!!Nicola Jones - Nicola

this site is ace when i couldnt find what i wanted on my regular sites a friend told me about yours and well i think this site is amazing!!!!! - joanne

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