Customer Comments

Providing delivery is as good as the site and products on offer I will be extremely impressed. The site is clear and easy to use and the amount of payment options is impressive. - Kat Sherry

i really like this website because it is quick and simple!! - Eden

My only problem with this site is that it is too full of lots of stuff that I want to buy. Novelty ideas things that make me laugh and unusual gadgets that will prove useful on occasions. I can see the office Christmas party will be improved greatly with things like the shit hitting the fan game or compulsory wearing of the blast pants to be awarded to certain members of the team. Keep them coming. - Aileen OGorman

I found the site esy to use and enjoyed looking around! - Margaret Parkes

Your after dinner nipples are fantastic!its great to find a giftsite with such a varied range.... and sense of humour!! - Fi

The 1st birthday of a baby is really more about the mother than the child. Still, that doesn't mean you should scrimp on the 1st birthday gift. Particularly when Find Me A Gift has such a good selection of baby 1st birthday gifts. The personalised photo frame is always popular as a 1st birthday gift idea, for example. There's even a baby's foot and hand cast kit that is one of our most frequently bought 1st birthday presents.