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I have so far been very pleased with the quality of the products and the service received from the site I do find however that a number of your products do not show pictures and I would be unlikely to buy a product where there is no picture. I also found it quite confusing trying to find the log in area as it is justb a simple tab for my account at the top of the screen which looks like any other. the loyalty scheme encourages me to use this site as opposed to others. - Jennifer Killoch

The site works well and I found what I wanted at once. Also found the suggestions interesting although I didnt go for any of the items this time might in the future though. - Gay Hickey

Excellent site for gifts that are different from the norm!!!! - james rourke

18 is an important birthday for any girl. She's now an official adult, and your presents need to recognise this transition. Luckily for you we've years of experience in the 18th birthday presents for girls department and have put all of our ideas in this section for you to peruse.

Our 18th birthday ideas for girls are wonderfully varied. You could go down the personalised route if you want to be super sentimental or for something alcoholic now they can legally drink. Whatever present ideas you have in mind you're sure to find what you're looking for in our 18th birthday gifts for girls section.

If you want to see more 18th birthday gift ideas just head back to our main 18th gifts page. We have loads of ideas for the boys, as well as activities and experiences that will help make it a birthday to remember.