16th Birthday Presents

It's here, the big 16! It's an important milestone, which is why we've put together such an awesome collection of 16th birthday gifts for you to peruse.

Here at FMAG our 16th birthday ideas take a whole host of different forms. If you're a gifting traditionalist and are looking for something that can be unwrapped you'll see all sorts of potential 16th birthday presents in this section. But maybe you think at 16 it's time to go for something a bit different, an experience perhaps? Well that's fine too, because our collection of 16th birthday ideas includes all sorts of activity and experience gifts. There's plenty of action and adventure for the boys, and some super sweet pampering and makeover fun for the girls.

If you opt for one of our more traditional 16th birthday presents why not add a unique twist by getting it personalised with a name and special message. You'll see that a lot of our 16th birthday present ideas offer some sort of personalisation, and it's a truly special way to mark an already special occasion.

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I have not found anything on the site that doesnt work the registering system works very well and quickly. From pressing check out on the basket I had already ordered and started filling out this questionaire within a few minutes very fast system with no silly parts always a great asset to a web store. It is a shame that some products were out of stock although this cannot be helped so it is not really anything which can be fixed by yourselves but I thought I would mention it. Overall I think that the site is strucutred well being able to view gifts for his and hers and seperate occasions this is very handy. The prices on the site are also very reasonable lower than some other gift sites. An honest representation of postage and packaging costs is apprichiated too. Overall a very good website for gifts. - Michael Williamson
Absolutely excellent site! Has presents for all occasions and relatives. You know how hard it is to find those unusual presents for family members who are hard to buy for so instead of buying them the same thing every year just come here and get them something to remember. The control your woman remote is one of the funniest gadjets I think I have ever seen. I will definately be coming back to this site in the future far better than going to eBay for those boring gifts. - Luke Brynycz
I think this site is great because it has such a huge variety of items! I find that men are quite hard to buy for but on this site I believe you can find something for everyone! Its my boyfriends birthday coming up and I usually struggle for little bits and pieces to get him but on here I saw loads of things! Ive also seen things on here that Id like as well as friends and relatives! - Fiona Nicklin
Accessible easy to use a good colour scheme with a concise and tidy layout. A really great website keep this format and dont change it like a lot of online shopping websites have done recently. The products are excellent and of an affordable price perfect for Christmas shopping I will be using this website a lot Liam - Liam
This is a great website its helped me find ideas for some very awkward people and the wishlists are a great idea keep up the good work - Sian Haydock