Customer Comments

i think this site is really usful because it has a wide range of products all which maybe off the normal present list. This enables always an element of suprise and stops duplicating boring presents and enable new and exciting gifts!!! - Andy Stothard

It was the first order I made from your website. Im always a bit unsure whether to order from websites I dont know but I was abslutely delighted with the service1. When one item wasnt available anymore I received a polite and friendly mail from Natalie Harris in perfect German I live in Germany informing me of the matter and offering an alternative product even sending a photo. Even in English that would have been great service but in German that was outstanding service.2. I ordered on Sunday evening and there was one item in the order that had to be personalized so I was warned that it could take some days for that and of course some more days for delivery to Germany. On Saturday morning less than a week after ordering the whole order was here in Germany personalized item included. 3. All items look really nice and of good quality. Ordering from a new website where you only have photos to go by and where prices are extremely good could pose a danger of ending up with goods of less appealing quality. That wasnt the care here. Everything was perfect and the personalized cup looks awesome! It will be such a nice birthday surprise for my friend. So many thanks from a customer who couldnt be happier and who will definitely come again. - Heike

it is avery good idea to give out points for feedback solves a difficult problem! I liked the site ... - Claire horsey

I love this site I bought all my Christmas prezzies from here hust inspirational - Stefanie Simpson

I love this site but signing in was a problem because I used Google checkouts to pay for my first order. When I phoned up for help the guy on the other end of the phone couldnt have been more friendly and helpful. Thank you! - Gina Langridge

It's here, the big 16! It's an important milestone, which is why we've put together such an awesome collection of 16th birthday gifts for you to peruse.

Here at FMAG our 16th birthday ideas take a whole host of different forms. If you're a gifting traditionalist and are looking for something that can be unwrapped you'll see all sorts of potential 16th birthday presents in this section. But maybe you think at 16 it's time to go for something a bit different, an experience perhaps? Well that's fine too, because our collection of 16th birthday ideas includes all sorts of activity and experience gifts. There's plenty of action and adventure for the boys, and some super sweet pampering and makeover fun for the girls.

If you opt for one of our more traditional 16th birthday presents why not add a unique twist by getting it personalised with a name and special message. You'll see that a lot of our 16th birthday present ideas offer some sort of personalisation, and it's a truly special way to mark an already special occasion.