16th Birthday Presents

It's here, the big 16! It's an important milestone, which is why we've put together such an awesome collection of 16th birthday gifts for you to peruse.

Here at FMAG our 16th birthday ideas take a whole host of different forms. If you're a gifting traditionalist and are looking for something that can be unwrapped you'll see all sorts of potential 16th birthday presents in this section. But maybe you think at 16 it's time to go for something a bit different, an experience perhaps? Well that's fine too, because our collection of 16th birthday ideas includes all sorts of activity and experience gifts. There's plenty of action and adventure for the boys, and some super sweet pampering and makeover fun for the girls.

If you opt for one of our more traditional 16th birthday presents why not add a unique twist by getting it personalised with a name and special message. You'll see that a lot of our 16th birthday present ideas offer some sort of personalisation, and it's a truly special way to mark an already special occasion.

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i think this is a brilliant site that has really great fun and DIFFERENT ideas for gifts thats why i love it so much! - Katie
thye only place where i could find unusual and very personal gifts only wish i knew how to reveiw the personalised items that i bought cos i was a bit drunk when ordering and now i cant remember - orla okane
I think the site could do with some fresh colours. ie swap the blue for another colour. Other than that your layout menus navigation are good and I am happy using the site overall. - Rupen
i never knew about this website but after looking at it i will definatly use it more often because it has some amazing gifts on it that are very different! - Sarah
A fantastic site to find all those weird and wonderful things which you wouldnt normally in the shops. Thumbs up! - Sharon Vien