100th Birthday Gifts

A 100th birthday celebration is quite possibly life's most momentous occasion. With a whole century of memories and experiences to share, the birthday girl or boy will have a first hand account of occasions most of us can only read up about on the internet! Such a fantastic milestone birthday deserves some equally fantastic 100th birthday gifts so if you're looking for gift inspiration you've come to the right place!

The hardest part of a 100th birthday is finding 100th birthday presents that do the occasion justice. It's always difficult to find unique and unusual birthday gift ideas but for such an amazing milestone, the 100th birthday gift definitely requires thought and dedication. So we know that the special birthday boy or girl will be receiving the ultimate 100th birthday present in the form of a letter from her majesty. The letter from the Queen acknowledges and congratulates the recipient on a long and properous life. So what better way is there to compliment this than with some gifts for 100th birthday which celebrate and capture a range of personal experiences from their life?

Browse through a huge selection of personalised and sentimental 100th birthday gifts for men and 100th birthday gifts for women and show the recipient just how much they mean to you and how much joy they've brought to your life over the years. Whether you're looking for 100th birthday present ideas for your mum, your brother or your grandad, we're sure to have the perfect gift!

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Brilliant and imaginative website that is full of new ideas and easy to navigate. I shall come back again and again and again but wont tell others about you because I dont want them to know where I get my pressies from or how little Ive paid! Thank you - Amanda Rayner
I always struggle to find something for my husbands birthday usualy end up with the normal socks and boxers type of present but your site always has something unusual and different on here that makes that special occasion always seem more special. - cheryl Townsend
colours are nicei chose this site oveer the others because of the pleasant colour scheme - rebecca frederick
fabulous! i found the PERFECT presents for my boyfriend on valentines day! - Lucy Houghton
I have no complaints about the site so far however i have only joined it today. Im sure i wont find any though. I was really pleased too see that the currecting delivery amount was given initailly because i went on one site and it said na for delivery right until the last step when it put 10.95 on! i thought this was outrageous. I wouldnt have signed up to the other site or gone through everything i did if i knew this was going to happen the worst part was it was only a 7.04 order! Thankyou - Michelle