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Stuck trying to think of sweet nothings to write in a Valentine's card for your beloved? Or perhaps you're a little anti-Valentine's Day this year and are having trouble finding a few choice words for your ex? Whether you're feeling sweet or sour this February 14th, we're on hand to say it for you with our totally awesome Valentine's Rhyme Generator! From soppy proclamations of love that'll make your boyfriend or girlfriend blush, to ruder, sassy rhymes for those that have been left feeling scorned, we've got just the thing to make it a Valentine's Day to remember.

It doesn't matter if you've got the hots for Harry or you're feeling hostile towards Hannah, simply select a name from the list and choose whether you want a sweet or sour rhyme. From then, you can share your rhyme on their Facebook wall, or tag them on Twitter- it's perfect either as a public display of affection or a chance to shame your love rat! Our collection of rhymes are either more romantic than the tips of Cupid's arrows, or have a nasty sting in their tail... which one you pick is completely up to you!

What's more, if you fancy giving a rhyme to a special someone whose name isn't on the list, we've also provided a great selection of more generic poems that you can send based on how you're feeling. From verses perfect to send to your best friend, to rhymes more fitting for your worst enemy, what better way to say it this Valentine's Day than with a rhyming couplet?

Of course, if you fancy going the extra mile on February 14th, why not browse our full range of Valentine's Day gifts? From naughty novelties to romantic ideas for him and her, we've got just the thing to add a little extra sizzle to your evening!